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UKIP Out Now Campaign


UKIP Yeovil Poppy Appeal

UKIP members Neil and Kathy started collecting for the British Legion in 2011 and have worked every year since. Their “beat” is a remote area of Buckland St Mary, a mainly agricultural area with about thirty houses mostly down bumpy farm tracks. They spend a Saturday and Sunday morning visiting properties before Remembrance Sunday, catching up with […]


The UK armed forces have been hollowed out through never ending budget cuts. Meanwhile the EU is pressing on with its plans to take control of the member states forces for its EU army.

The Pro EU Campaign….

We are being sold a pro EU lie by the government, the Labour Party, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the elitist establishment who are selling us out to their EU masters who have bought their loyalty with our money.

Immigration and Borders

Links to articles relating to the UK’s immigration policies and border controls.

Business and Employment

Links to articles highlighting the massive net cost of over £8 billion net year to the UK for the EU. Any of our money returned from the £18bn we actually send them has to be applied for to be spent as they want.

Brexit The Movie

Brexit The Movie provides a very informative and damming insight into the EU, about how it is reducing UK sovereignty and the negative effects on UK businesses and trade, including the decimation of the UK fishing industry. It also describes how we can rediscover our potential by voting to leave the EU.

The Cost Burden of the EU

Links to articles highlighting the massive net cost of over £8 billion per year from the UK for the EU. Any of our money returned from the £18bn we actually send them has to be applied for to be spent as they want.

EU Referendum

Links to articles related to the EU referendum exposing government bias and underhanded EU campaigning against UK independence.

The Truth About Trade

Links to articles regarding the trade arguments and the dreaded Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal between the EU and the USA.

Foreign Aid

Major problems exist with with the UK’s foreign aid policies, not least of which is borrowing huge sums of money that is often carelessly squandered whilst basic and essential services in the UK suffer drastic cuts.

Anger over the costly EU

Recent letters to the Chard and Ilminster newspaper

UK Sovereignty

Sir Patrick Moore introduces a video European Union Conspiracy – Britain on the Brink exposing the aims and methods by which the EU is taking control of the UK.

The EU Immigration Crisis

EU incompetence of the highest order exposed.

The ‘Renegotiation’

Cameron’s never ending and demeaning trips around the other countries of the EU begging permission to change a few welfare rules serve only to highlight the lack of control the UK has over its own affairs and the complete lack of influence it possesses within the EU itself.

UK Deficit and National Debt

The UK has a perilous national debt problem – over £1.5 trillion and rising. Government expenditure continuously exceeds income despite the years that have passed since the global financial crisis of 2007-08. Even with low interest rates, the interest payments are nearly £1 billion per week, an average of £700 per year for every person in the UK. The […]

Say No to the EU Tour

Come and listen to the reasons why the UK should leave the EU and vote to leave in the upcoming EU Referendum. There are many events to choose from, why not have a look at the main events featuring EFDD Co-President Nigel Farage, or search for local events that are nearest to you that are […]

The European Financial Crisis-explained in just 3 minutes


The Housing Crisis and the Only Way to Save Our Villages

Small villages like the historic East Coker and Mudford on the outskirts of Yeovil, respectively slated to have 800 and 700 new houses built on greenfield sites and farmland, are just two examples of the inevitable local effect of reckless national policies. Central government must force local governments to meet unrealistic new homes targets with […]

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Vote Leave event with Daniel Hannan MEP

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