UKIP Yeovil Poppy Appeal

UKIP members Neil and Kathy started collecting for the British Legion in 2011 and have worked every year since.

Their “beat” is a remote area of Buckland St Mary, a mainly agricultural area with about thirty houses mostly down bumpy farm tracks.

They spend a Saturday and Sunday morning visiting properties before Remembrance Sunday, catching up with our rural neighbours and seeing what they have been up to in the past year.

The British Legion is a worthy cause and does much charitable work for those who have been in the services.

Neil and Kathy hope that we can not only call upon members of UKIP, but also those of other political affiliations to support the efforts of many fellow collectors not only this year but for many to come.


The UK armed forces, in terms of personnel numbers and equipment, have been hollowed out through never ending budget cuts. This has happened whilst the UK is a member of the EU which is supposedly making more secure. When we have to call upon foreign nations to help us for fundamental defence tasks that we used to be able to perform ourselves it is clear that our EU membership is having the opposite effect on our nation’s finances and therefore our nation’s security.

Furthermore, the restrictions placed upon our armed forces by the European Courts of Human Rights hampers their ability in the field, effectively tying one hand behind their backs.

Finally, the EU drive for their own army by taking over the armed forces of the member states is another example of sovereignty being stripped away from the UK, slice by slice. Some undeniable evidence is linked in the articles below and in the other posts on this website.

05/06/15 The Telegraph – British aid billions ‘subsidising’ third world defence budgets

09/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP Defence Spokesman hits out at the “hidden” details of the Chancellor’s 2% of GDP budget promise to meet NATO spending pledge

28/07/15 UKIP News – RUSI confirms UKIP findings on defence budget “smoke and mirrors”

17/10/15 The Telegraph – £150m legal bill for troops just doing their duty

18/10/15 The Telegraph – MoD under fire for listing retired jets and grounded helicopters in new list of military assets

20/04/16 Express – SECRET PLOT EXPOSED: EU in stealth plan to set up ARMY by merging German and Dutch forces

25/05/16 Daily Mail – RAF is hunting for a Russian submarine thought to have been off the coast of Scotland for at least 10 days and asks France and Canada for help as Britain no longer has the equipment

25/05/16 Daily Mail – Generals fight for Brexit: Our forces would be stronger outside ‘not fit for purpose’ EU, says a dozen former top brass

25/05/16 BBC News – EU referendum: Ex-military officers fighting for EU exit

18/10/15 The Telegraph – It is an EU army that could bring about war

01/06/16 Daily Mail – Shambles as £4million spy planes are axed: Ministers terminate contract despite being warned it could undermine border controls

Photo by Airwolfhound

The Pro EU Campaign….

The ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign title is deliberately misleading and should have been ‘Britain Stronger in the EU’ (even though that is incorrect too). Europe is a continent of 48 countries of which 20 are NOT members of the European Union. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum we will remain in Europe.

The official government position advocating the remain position has has been deceitful and biased from the beginning and has used the machinery and resources of the state to push propaganda and untruths. So much so, that it has been consistently called to account by many of its own ministers, MPs, MEPs and Tory party supporters who frankly do not believe a word of what they are saying and are prepared to fight against it and even have Cameron removed as leader after the referendum.

What has been revealed over the course of the campaigns is that the remain advocates are almost entirely wealthy people with vested interests who some way or another personally benefit from the EU and its policies. For example having the top jobs in the various institutions, cheap foreign labour and depressed wages for British employees and the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy that benefits wealthy landowners.

Also when the government quotes figures or support from the official bodies it is very likely to be because their influence has been bought with EU money (i.e. our money). Are the economists who are counted as pro-remain actually impartial, or do they work for EU linked employers like the Treasury, CBI, IFS, OECD, IMF and the universities? Consider that David Cameron appointed George Osborne (an IMF governor)…who votes for Christine Lagarde (under investigation for fraud) and appointed Mark Carney, and so on are therefore not impartial. The EU has plenty of jobs available for pro EU stooges, or failing that, the multinationals who benefit greatly from anti-competitive practices and EU legal tax avoidance can reward them with some directorship or handsomely paid after dinner speaking gigs.

Also consider the EU funding (i.e. our money) for the BBC. It often manifests itself as headlines all day with positive spin for the remain side or negative spin for the leave side, some interviewers and programmes lacking impartiality or any questioning of the vested interests or not even reporting important news at all.

We are being sold a pro EU lie by the government, the Labour Party, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the elitist establishment who are selling us out to their EU masters who have bought their loyalty with our money.

16/03/09 The Telegraph – Lord Mandelson must remain loyal to EU to guarantee pension

14/06/09 Daily Mail – Revealed: How the Kinnocks have enjoyed an astonishing £10m ride on the EU gravy train

30/06/12 The Telegraph – I wish I had been offered presidency of EU, Tony Blair admits

04/06/15 The Guardian – Tony Blair appointed as head of European body fighting antisemitism

10/10/15 The Independent – Stuart Rose: Ex-M&S boss who supported low wages for migrants to lead campaign to keep Britain in the EU

12/10/15 The Telegraph – The ‘In’ campaign isn’t even trying to keep Britain in the EU

18/12/15 The Telegraph – BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fueling accusations of bias

24/02/16 Daily Mail –  Tories’ fury as Sir Cover-Up freezes out anti-EU ministers: Jeremy Heywood orders civil servants to produce reams of propaganda on why UK must remain – and bans Eurosceptics from receiving any assistance

24/02/16 Daily Mail – PETER OBORNE: So much for principles! The PM accuses Boris of self-interest. But what of the top Tories who once flaunted their anti-EU views but now put their careers first?

02/03/16 The Telegraph – EU referendum: Lord Rose makes his most remarkable blunder yet

13/05/16 Guido Fawkes – EU Paid 160m euros to Pro-remain Groups

16/05/16 Express – EXCLUSIVE: Would EU believe it! Sam Cam’s dad rakes in MILLIONS in Euro subsidies

13/05/16 City A.M. – Employment minister Priti Patel has launched a stinging attack on Osborne and Lagarde following Brexit recession warnings

23/05/16 Daily Mail – Why we MUST quit the EU, by Cameron’s guru: Friend and strategist Steve Hilton breaks ranks on Brexit to say Britain will be ‘literally ungovernable’ unless we take back power from the self-serving elite

25/05/16 The Telegraph – EU Referendum: 30 MPs and peers demand government removes pro-EU websites by end of week

02/06/16 UKIP News – BBC Bias claim as EU Monnet Professor presented as independent expert

04/06/16 The Telegraph – Letters: Cameron’s argument for the EU is that Britain is too feeble to make its own way in the world

National Health Service

The NHS is facing a financial crisis and the UK’s membership of the European Union is compounding the enormous strain it is under. Increasingly common black alerts over the winter force some operations to be postponed and patients are asked to only visit A & E departments with genuinely life threatening emergencies.

The dedicated NHS workforce can be overwhelmed and worn down by the continuous pressure which affects morale. Some wards, units and hospitals have been closed down or downgraded, leaving large distances for patients to travel to access services. Funding for certain medicines and treatments is a postcode lottery. Similarly, mental health services, retirement homes, GPs and dentists are increasingly difficult to access. Indeed many hospital trusts are on financial life support, running enormous and growing deficits and requiring bailouts. It is a very worrying picture and it looks to be getting worse.

Trainee nurses have to saddle themselves with debt to pay for their training and living costs, and once they start work will only earn a salary that has stagnated and fallen behind inflation for years. Meanwhile expensive agency staff are used and foreign nurses from all over the world are hired en masse for short term savings.

Many UK trained doctors have become disillusioned with the strain of working for the NHS and have chosen to take their skills and emigrate to better run health services like that of Australia. Foreign trained doctors fill up the shortfall, leaving behind a skills gap in their home country who may have paid for their training. 

An issue often overlooked by the media when commenting on the NHS (particularly by Hugh Pym of the BBC) is the ever increasing demand on the NHS from our rapidly growing population. Clearly, if over 300,000 more people year on year need looking after then that will require a corresponding increase in resources.

It seems it is difficult to accurately assess the impact of health tourism, but estimates up to billions of pounds, much of which is unrecoverable, have been quoted. As this is only a small percentage of the huge NHS budget it is often dismissed as insignificant despite it taking vital hospital places and resources from the UK citizens.

Whatever other operational issues the NHS has, it is crystal clear that the European Union and freedom of movement is helping to put all health services under so much pressure that they are creaking at the seams.

The typical pro EU responses do not solve the above issues:

Spend more money on the NHS….

Fair enough…but what money? The UK is in severe financial difficulty already. There will be less money to spend, not more, and even more cuts and public sector wage suppression will have to happen. There is more of our money to be accessed if we left the EU – consider our massive contributions to the EU and foreign aid largesse.

The NHS relies on foreign doctors and nurses and it would fall apart as they would all have to leave if we left the EU….

Simply not true. Why wouldn’t the UK and the NHS retain those employees, many of whom come from outside of the EU anyway? An independent UK can choose to hire medical staff from abroad if it needs them – that is the benefit of being independent – it sets the rules. Also, why not spend more on training people from the UK to be doctors, nurses, GP’s and dentists like we did for decades? Money saved on stabilising demand and controlling health tourism could help fund this.

We need the EU to ensure high levels of immigration to have enough workforce and money to look after the large elderly population….

We have over 65 million people in the country, most of whom are not the elderly or the young and we have many unemployed or underemployed people who could fulfil a greater number of caring roles. What is missing is the funding to make the employment more attractive. We should recognise that importing people on a massive scale who require even more resources is not helping to support or fund the NHS but is actually adding to the strain and the cost. Demographics are changing as young working adults from the UK have huge difficulties in even affording a family due to high house prices and low wages, both problems that are exacerbated by high levels of immigration.

The price of prescriptions medicines would rise if we left the EU….

The fear factor of leaving the EU in terms of trade has been endlessly hyped up. Countries worldwide buy and sell to the EU with low or no trade tariffs, without having to be a ruled by the EU or to fund the EU project. Trade terms would be agreed to allow companies to buy and sell to each other – it would be business as usual. In fact trade with the rest of the world would be significantly easier as the UK and the NHS would not be bound by endless EU red tape and directives, therefore purchasing costs could even fall.

The summary above is based upon various news articles, some of which are linked below. It is not to scaremonger for political gain, but to simply gather together some evidence as reported by the press about the state of our National Health Service and indeed the real damage caused by the UK being in the European Union. Please read some of them, or glance at the article titles to see why so many people are campaigning for an independent UK.

The best way to protect and enhance the NHS for a world class service is to vote to leave the EU in the referendum.

21/12/11 The TelegraphTrainee dentists ‘left with no job’ in NHS

31/08/13 ExpressStressed nurses ‘want to quit’

22/10/13 Daily MailThe TRUE cost of health tourism: Foreigners using NHS cost Britain up to £2BILLION a year, government report reveals…up to 100 times more than thought

17/12/14 Daily Mail80,000 UK students are told they can’t train as a nurse: Thousands can’t get on courses despite four in five new NHS workers being foreign

09/03/15 Western Gazette81 operations postponed at Yeovil District Hospital due to black alert

19/03/15 The GuardianNHS deficit could hit £2.5bn this year, warns top health chief

28/05/15 Western GazetteHelp for Polish people in Yeovil to understand British NHS at Abbey Manor Medical Practice event

22/05/15 BBC NewsNHS trusts’ deficit rises to £822m

10/08/15 BBC NewsNHS vulnerable to health card fraud, government admits

10/08/15 Daily MailThe great health tourist cover up: Bosses ignored whistleblowers who exposed foreigners’ abuse of NHS while Ministers knew for two years but did NOTHING

23/08/15 The GuardianThousands of new doctors opt for a better life abroad

29/08/15 The TelegraphNigerian mother let off £145,000 NHS bill after birth of quins

22/09/15 The GuardianNHS warned of exodus of young doctors as registrations to work abroad soar

24/09/15 ExpressBritish students BANNED from doing medicine at uni – as NHS forced to hire foreign staff

06/10/15 The IndependentWhat is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you

09/10/15 BBC NewsNHS deficits hit ‘massive’ £930m

09/10/15 The TelegraphNHS faces biggest financial crisis ‘in a generation’

11/10/15 Daily MailJeremy Hunt is conning you… The NHS is broke and crippled by fear: Top hospital chief’s astonishing outburst in bombshell letter to the Government

11/10/15 BBC NewsMore maternity units closing doors, union warns

17/10/15 Daily MailHospitals are STILL hiking car park fees despite Health Secretary’s pledge to clamp down on the rip-off charges

30/10/15 BBC NewsLearning disability care hospital beds reduced

25/11/15 The IndependentAutumn Statement: Plans to force nurses to pay tuition fees will ‘saddle future generations with even more debt’

05/01/16 ITV News – More South West hospitals on Black Alert

06/01/16 Western GazetteYeovil District Hospital downgraded from black to red alert

06/01/16 ITV News – Woman gives up her bed at ‘manic’ Yeovil hospital

06/01/16 ITV News – Operations postponed and A&E departments struggling

29/01/16 BBC NewsA&Es struggle after ‘sharp rise’ in demand

29/01/16 BBC NewsNHS: Surging patient numbers – what’s happening in A&E?

31/10/16 Daily MailGot your papers in order? Then welcome to soft touch Britain: Top doctors blow whistle on EU health tourists who bleed NHS dry

31/01/16 ExpressTop doctors slam NHS loophole that lets EU residents get FREE treatment when they arrive

14/02/16 BBC NewsNHS mental health funding falls in England – FoI figures

18/02/16 BBC NewsNHS trusts may hit £2.3bn deficit, report warns

21/03/16 Western Gazette – Yeovil Hospital on black alert as it struggles to cope with demand

23/03/16 BBC News – Yeovil hospital back on black alert after ‘busiest fortnight’

Photo by Police_Mad_Liam


10/04/14 BBC News – Students could be paying loans into their 50s – report

18/08/14 The Telegraph – Hundreds of children taught in classrooms with over 70 pupils

18/08/14 Daily Mail – Primary classes of 70: Labour reveals crisis in schools… caused by its own immigration policy

09/09/14 The Telegraph – OECD: UK class sizes ‘among biggest in developed world’

02/02/15 The GuardianConservatives to cut school funding by 10% if they win general election

15/04/15 The GuardianPrimary school places in England ‘near breaking point’

15/04/15 BBC News – Primary school places: Councils issue shortage warning

08/07/14 BBC News – Budget 2015: Student maintenance grants scrapped

26/09/15 Daily Mail – 38,000 migrant children starting school this year creating a ‘perfect storm’ for primaries forced to absorb the new intake

26/09/15 Express – Schools migrant crisis: Britain needs 1,600 new primaries to cope

04/10/15 BBC News – More than 50% of teachers in England ‘plan to quit in next two years’

09/10/15 BBC News – New wave of super-size secondary schools planned

10/02/16 Daily Mail – The physics teachers without a degree in physics: Chronic shortage of staff means subject is being taught by tutors with little knowledge of it

11/02/16 Daily Mail – Secondary schools face teaching crisis: Classrooms can’t keep up with the immigrant baby boom

15/04/16 The Telegraph – Graduates could need £40,000 salary – just to cover student loan interest

25/05/16 The Guardian – Graduate whose loan grew by £1,800 in one year says students were misled

14/12/16 BBC News – Schools face cuts of £3bn, says watchdog

Immigration and Borders

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The EU Immigration Crisis

Net migration to Britain has increased to the second highest level on record, official figures reveal. The figure – the difference between the number of people arriving and leaving – was estimated at 333,000 for the year ending December 2015. This was 10,000 higher than the level recorded in the year to September. Net migration of EU citizens was estimated at 184,000 – up compared to the previous year when it stood at 174,000, and the joint highest figure on record.

Statisticians said the apparent increase in EU net migration was largely due to a rise in net migration of citizens from Bulgaria and Romania, from 44,000 to 58,000.

Responding to the latest immigration figures UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “Mass immigration is still hopelessly out of control and set to get worse if we Remain inside the EU, going on with disastrous open borders. However, I don’t believe these official figures and I’m sure the real numbers are much higher.”

Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP’s migration spokesman, commented: “Britain is borderless as a member of the EU. The sheer scale of immigration is putting our public services under severe strain and causing division and disharmony in our communities.

“We need a migration policy fit for 21st Century Britain – which satisfies the needs of our economy and our society. Unless we vote to Leave the EU we will continue to have our hands tied and have no control over who comes and who goes at our ports.

“As a member of the EU, we have a discriminatory immigration policy forced upon us. We let Europeans into Britain in their hundreds of thousands, while imposing heavy restrictions on our friends from Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Commonwealth.

“As it is, our schools and hospitals cannot cope with the ever increasing demand – and our national security is being put at risk as we have no control over who is coming into the country.

“Britain deserves a fair, compassionate and managed migration policy that suits our economy and helps to guarantee our national security. A vote to Leave the EU would enable us to introduce such a policy.”


22/02/12 The Telegraph – Two-thirds of London babies born to foreign parents

01/05/13 The Telegraph – Third of children born in England has foreign-born parent

10/01/14 The Telegraph – Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, census figures show

02/10/14 The Telegraph – Too poor to start a family: will ‘Generation Pause’ ever grow up?

26/11/14 The Telegraph – Immigration impact ‘underestimated’ on UK population, says report

26/02/15 The Telegraph – David Cameron immigration pledge in tatters as net immigration stands at 298,000

31/03/15 BBC NewsI nearly drowned in chocolate

09/08/15 The Telegraph – Extremists in; brave servants out: Britain makes me despair

16/08/15 The Telegraph – End of 2.4 children, as Britain has biggest families in Europe

19/08/15 UKIP News UKIP’s Mike Hookem MEP – “Afghan Interpreters MUST Get Fast track UK Entry”

25/08/15 UKIP News – Steven Woolfe comments on Government announcement that migrants working illegally face jail

27/08/15 Daily Mail – RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: This has never been about race… 8million foreign newcomers is far too many for a small country like Britain to absorb

06/09/15 Daily Mail – PETER HITCHENS: We won’t save refugees by destroying our own country

13/09/15 BBC News – What happens to failed asylum seekers?

24/09/15 Express – Germany warns Cameron EU reform pleas will be ignored unless Britain takes more refugees

28/09/15 Express – Inside the Kos hotel that has become a squalid camp for Britain-bound migrants

30/09/15 BBC NewsUK to build £25m Jamaican prison

06/10/15 The Telegraph – Theresa May: Mass immigration making ‘cohesive society’ impossible

08/10/15 Breitbart Refugee Charity Stops Aid To Calais Because 97% Are Men With ‘No Real Reason’ To Be There

08/10/15 Daily Mail – Over a third of babies born in the UK are no longer white British: More than 10% come from other Caucasian backgrounds mirroring increased migration from Europe

08/10/15 Daily Mail – MAX HASTINGS: Keep your noses out of this most sensitive and controversial issue facing Britain, M’Luds…

13/10/15 BBC News – Syria refugees: Minister refuses to give MPs UK numbers

13/10/15 Daily Mail –  The English village being ‘overwhelmed’ by migrants as DOZENS arrive every day with the Home Office using it as a ‘transit camp’ for people arriving from Calais

14/10/15 The Telegraph – Longford, the village where one of Britain’s wealthiest men is a beneficiary from the migrant crisis

14/10/15 Daily Mail – Britain will need to build three cities the size of Birmingham by 2020 unless action is taken to tackle migrant crisis

15/10/15 Daily Mail – Private jets to deport asylum seekers: After stretch limo farce, now taxpayers are hit with a £15million bill to send migrants home on half-empty planes

19/10/15 The Telegraph – Eurotunnel stops trains after hundreds of migrants storm terminal in France

19/10/15 BBC News – Syria refugees to cost ‘up to £23k each’ in first year in UK

30/10/15 BBC News – Syria refugees: MPs worried by UK ‘capacity to manage’

31/12/15 The Telegraph – New threat to British border as France builds first official refugee camp for 13 years

01/01/16 Daily Mail – Fears over refugee camp just 50 miles from Dover: British MPs say £1million French facility will be a ‘jumping-off point’ for entry into the UK

20/01/16 The Telegraph – Calais migrants given green light to use European human rights laws to come to Britain

22/01/16 Express – Why are Brussels bullies forcing us into unworkable migrant quotas NO EU nation wants?

23/01/16 Daily Mail – British anarchists led violence in Calais and defaced statue of de Gaulle in invasion of ferry port by 500 migrants

30/01/16 Daily Mail – Muslims in UK top 3 million for first time… with over 50% born outside Britain: Number in country doubles in a decade as immigration and birth rates soar

27/01/16 The Telegraph – Brexit would cut net migration to Britain by 100,000 a year, claims new report

13/04/16 BBC News – Resettling Syrian refugees in the UK ‘to cost more than half a billion pounds’

12/05/16 The Telegraph – The gap between ONS migrant figures and the truth is as wide as the Grand Canyon. We are owed an apology

12/05/16 The Telegraph – Jihadi John’s fourth Beatle unmasked as refugee given shelter in UK

25/05/16 The Telegraph – Population surge to ‘change the face of England forever’

25/05/16 Daily Mail – Revealed: Interactive map shows what every borough in England will look like after eight more years of mass immigration

01/06/16 Express – Britain could be forced to take HALF A MILLION refugees who acquire EU citizenship

02/06/16 The Telegraph – Britain’s border weakspots: The areas identified by criminal gangs smuggling hundreds of migrants into the UK

02/06/16 Daily Mail – EXCLUSIVE: ‘I won’t be happy until I reach England’: Inside the windswept French clifftop tents where Albanian migrants refuel for their next assault on Britain

04/06/16 Daily Mail – Bonanza for the people-smugglers as 20,000 migrants wait for boats along 450 miles of French coast

Business and Employment

There are those who claim (falsely) that leaving the E.U. will cost up to 3 million jobs. This myth grew out of report by the National institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) which concluded that 2.7 million jobs were connected with our trade with the E.U. and another 500,000 were indirectly linked. The report went on to say that “there is no a priori reason to suppose that many (jobs), IF ANY, would be lost permanently if Britain were to leave the E.U.

Many of those businessmen who argue for us to stay in the EU are the same people who claimed it was imperative for us to join the disastrous Euro.

The EU funded CBI and larger companies with lobbying offices in Brussels see the complex of EU rules and directives as a convenient barrier against smaller competitors. The UK has a strong history of entrepreneurial innovation.

This fact reinforced by Mr Fabrice Bregier, Airbus Chief Executive, stating (on 16/6/2015) that “R & D, design and manufacturing would remain in the U.K. whether the U.K. left the E.U. or not.

Lord Anthony Bamford (JCB) quoted as saying “U.K. would be better off out of the E.U. would enable company to become more competitive in global markets”.

16th March 2015 Think Tank Open Europe stating we pay E.U. countries £15 for every £1 we get back. (£55,000,000) a day is our membership cost.

E.U. Regulations cost businesses £33 billion a year, the 5 costliest:-

U.K. Renewable Energy Strategy £4.7 billion per year.

C.R.D.IV package £4.2 billion per year.

Working Time Directive £4.2 billion per year.

E.U. Climate and Energy Package £3.4 billion per year.

Temporary Agency Workers Directive £2.1 billion per year.

Belonging to the E.U. does not mean protecting UK employment. Some examples of our EU membership losing UK jobs:

  • In 2007 the Peugeot factory in Ryton, Coventry, closed and moved production to Slovakia. Peugeot applied for £14 million funding (to upgrade production line for new model) to the E.U. Central Bank, for 2 years. The result being the E.U. Central Bank ignored this request and pumped £78 million in subsidies into a new Peugeot factory in Slovakia, at a cost of 2,700 jobs direct and up to 5,000 jobs in the local supply chain.
  • 2012 Swaling, Eastliegh, Southampton. Ford (U.K.) closed the Ford Transit factory having produced vans on the site since 1972. At its height this factory employed 4,500 workers plus many workers in the local supply chain. The factory in Dagenham also closing with the loss of 750 jobs. Production moved to Turkey (non-E.U.) with the help of £80 million from the E.U. investment bank.
  • 2013 The sale of Royal Mail and post office closures a direct result of the E.U. Postal Services Directive, up to 1,300 jobs being lost (and loss of service).

The recent sale of Cadbury’s to the U.S. owned Kraft is another example of UK jobs being lost as a result of production moving into mainland E.U. (this despite assurances that no job losses would be incurred). The salt in the wound being the £7 billion lent by R.B.S to Kraft to fund the takeover (the bank 84% owned by the British taxpayer).

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 The Truth about Trade


07/05/13 BBC News – Ex-chancellor Lord Lawson calls for UK to exit EU

18/05/15 The Telegraph – Business is split on the future of the UK in Europe

04/08/15 UKIP News – EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain

06/08/15 UKIP News – Stop slapping fines on innocent lorry drivers

12/08/15 UKIP News – More than 2m EU migrants working in UK, figures show

26/08/15 UKIP News – Disastrous European Energy Policy behind hundreds of Welsh Job Losses

03/09/15 UKIP News – Nissan announcement shatters Labour EU campaign

24/09/15 Express – British students BANNED from doing medicine at uni – as NHS forced to hire foreign staff

05/10/15 The Guardian – Hunt: tax credit cuts will make Britons work like Chinese or Americans

16/10/15 UKIP News – Job losses in steel industry and manufacturing will continue until we end environmental levies

12/11/15 BBC News – Government claws back EU millions from Cornwall businesses

30/03/16 The Telegraph – EU row over deal to save steel

10/05/16 The Telegraph – Brexit support grows as businesses tire of scaremongering

04/06/16 Daily Mail – Shanty towns in suburbia: Migrants working for just £40 a day found living in squalid conditions in makeshift camps around London

Brexit The Movie

Brexit The Movie provides a very informative and damming insight into the EU, about how it is reducing UK sovereignty and the negative effects on UK businesses and trade, including the decimation of the UK fishing industry. It also describes how we can rediscover our potential by voting to leave the EU.

The Cost Burden of the EU

Links to articles highlighting the massive net cost of over £8 billion per year from the UK for the EU. Any of our money returned from the £18bn we actually send them has to be applied for to be spent as they want.

26/11/14 The Telegraph – UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget

07/11/14 The Guardian – UK to pay £1.7bn EU bill in full despite Osborne’s claim to have halved it

31/10/14 The Guardian – Britain’s contribution to EU has risen by £2.7bn, quadrupling in five years

24/10/14 LBC Radio – Farage: Cameron Will Definitely Pay EU’s £1.7bn Charge

24/10/14 BBC News – Cameron: UK won’t pay £1.7bn EU bill

10/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP attack secretive EU-funded payments to anonymous political groups in North Africa and the Middle East

11/08/15 The TelegraphEU ‘spends £500m a year promoting itself’

16/09/15 Daily Mail – Cameron and Osborne quietly pay the £1.7BILLION bill from Brussels which they dismissed as ‘totally unacceptable’

29/09/15 Daily MailGive us an extra £385million! EU asks Britain for more money as it battles migrant crisis

29/10/15 Express – Now Brussels wants £384m MORE from UK to tackle the migrant crisis

31/12/15 Daily Mail – Revealed: Britain has handed £503BILLION to the EU since 1973 as Eurosceptics call for the money to be spent on the NHS and schools instead

18/01/16 Daily MailHalf of EU aid wasted, stolen or lost in red tape: £11.5bn handed out by Brussels each year fails to achieve its aims

06/02/16 The Telegraph – EU Force One: Juncker commutes to Strasbourg by private jet

27/04/16 Express – Taxpayers hit with £650MILLION in fines by EU

EU Referendum

Here are some links to articles related to the forthcoming referendum and some of the serious problems that the European Union inflicts upon the UK. Also included are some UKIP news items that dissect and expose many weak or misguided party, government and EU positions and policies.

The big issue being reported in the press is the total chaos that can simply be called The EU Immigration Crisis.

Falsehoods put across by the pro-EU lobbyists regarding the UK’s ability to trade as an independent nation are pulled apart in The Truth about Trade page.

Some of the huge costs that the UK has to bear to be a member of the EU are described in the articles in The Cost Burden of the UK.

Also, many articles in The ‘Negotiation’ describe the futility of David Cameron’s never-ending plan to renegotiate the UK’s position within the EU and to reform the EU itself in order to keep the UK as a subservient part of a federal Europe.

Below are some general EU referendum articles.

Wikipedia – Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union

22/05/15 BBC NewsUK and the EU: Better off out or in?

31/05/15 BBC News – Eurosceptic ministers will resign, Redwood warns Cameron

08/06/15 UKIP News – Blocking dissent and buying the vote

11/08/15 The TelegraphEU ‘spends £500m a year promoting itself’

12/08/15 UKIP News – Only 14% want further integration, public now understand EU politics

28/09/15 Express – Huge ‘Brexit’ boost as now MORE voters back leaving EU than don’t

29/08/15 The TelegraphTory rebels to stop pro-EU spending

09/10/15 The Telegraph – Nigel Farage: ‘Do I look ill? Do I? I’m ready to lead’

09/10/15 The Independant – Labour MP Kate Hoey: Why leaving the EU is a left-wing move

22/10/15 The Telegraph – Europe’s glory days at an end, warns Juncker

24/10/15 The Telegraph – EU bias row as Brussels pays BBC charity £9m

18/12/15 The Telegraph – BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fueling accusations of bias

19/12/15 The Telegraph – EU referendum: Set us free to campaign against Brussels, ministers tell David Cameron

20/12/15 BBC News – I’ll vote to leave the EU, says former minister Liam Fox

28/01/16 The Telegraph – First council in England votes to leave the EU

03/06/16 The Telegraph – EU debate: Angry Sky News audience rounds on ‘waffling’ David Cameron as he is accused of ‘scaremongering’ over Brexit fears

03/06/16 The Daily Mail – Foreign voters HAVE been wrongly sent polling cards for the referendum but will be stopped from taking part, election watchdog admits as IDS demands Cameron probe the ‘deeply disturbing’ claims

The Truth About Trade

2014 UKIP Report – Out of the EU into the World

16/06/15 UKIP Report – The Truth About Trade Beyond the EU

16/06/15 The Telegraph – Nigel Farage: It is ‘bonkers’ to stay in the European Union

08/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP blasts European Parliament for passing TTIP resolution in crucial vote

03/09/15 UKIP News – Nissan announcement shatters Labour EU campaign

11/10/15 Daily Mail – ‘No to TTIP!’ 150,000 protesters fill streets of Berlin to demonstrate against controversial Europe-US trade deal that would give corporations the right to sue governments in secret courts

12/10/15 The Independent – I didn’t think TTIP could get any scarier, but then I spoke to the EU official in charge of it

22/10/15 The Telegraph – Five ways Mark Carney’s EU speech was, actually, rather Eurosceptic

07/01/16 Daily Mail – Britain’s banks would still thrive if the UK votes to leave the EU, says city boss

21/01/16 Express – The UK has missed out on ‘TRILLIONS’ of pounds in trade due to EU membership

24/04/16 The Telegraph – Trade deals are red herrings in the EU debate

27/04/16 The Telegraph – Beware the OECD and its faulty assumptions on Brexit

Foreign Aid

UKIP’s foreign aid policy is very simple, we will ensure that our aid is concentrated on life-saving programmes. Inoculation, Clean Water and Emergency Disaster Relief.

The UK gives £11.4 billion a year in foreign aid. That’s a staggering £32 million each and every day.

In short, foreign aid doesn’t work for eight reasons

1. It costs a fortune
2. We can’t afford it
3. Corruption eats up a large part of it
4. It is often spent on senseless projects
5. It fills the pockets of despots and human rights abusers
6. It goes to terrorists and warmongers
7. It goes to countries which don’t need it
8. Foreign aid has become a fat cat industry

Nathan Gill said, “Much of the foreign aid budget is mistakenly issued on this principle. It’s time for change. Free and Fair Trade, not Aid.”

04/02/12 The Telegraph – India tells Britain: We don’t want your aid

14/04/14 The Telegraph – Britain’s aid spending the highest in Europe

01/06/15 Daily MailHow Britain has spent £185m on police forces… in Bangladesh, Congo and Malawi: Fury over money for staff and stations overseas while officers at home lose jobs

05/06/15 The Telegraph – British aid billions ‘subsidising’ third world defence budgets

25/06/15 The Telegraph – Mates for fish, Hamlet lessons, Facebook help – Foreign Office under pressure to justify aid spending

20/07/15 Daily Mail – Scandal of bizarre aid projects funded by British taxpayers’ money: How you pay for trapeze lessons in Tanzania, Jamaica jollies for EU spin doctors and a study on COCONUT development!

30/09/15 BBC News – UK to build £25m Jamaican prison

21/01/16 Express – Foreign aid spending TREBLES as watchdog warns there could be NO END to Britain’s largesse

23/01/16 Daily Mail – Foreign aid fat cats are the best-paid in Whitehall and pocket nearly twice the salary of average workers

27/03/16 Daily Mail – Britain hasn’t actually got the £12billion we give in foreign aid – we BORROW it. And you won’t believe what we spend it on…

02/04/16 The Independent –  Government exceeds international aid spending target by £172 million

14/04/16 The Telegraph – Foreign aid spending to overtake council funding next year

14/04/16 Daily Mail – New foreign aid outrage: Britain now second only to the US in handouts after paying £1 of every £7 given by rich countries last year

12/05/16 Express – FOREIGN AID FARCE: £3 billion in taxpayers’ money sent to world’s ten most corrupt states

25/05/16 The Telegraph – How Britain’s foreign aid bonanza has created a new Goliath, towering over the Foreign Office