The EU Immigration Crisis

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Immigration and Borders

31/07/15 BBC News – What happens to asylum seekers when they reach the UK?

09/08/15 BBC News – Migrants ‘threaten EU standards’ says Philip Hammond

10/08/15 UKIP News – Mike Hookem releases video on the danger UK truckers face in Calais

11/08/15 The Telegraph – Kos mayor warns of ‘bloodshed’ as migrant arrivals ‘out of control’

21/08/15 The Telegraph – Nigel Farage: Immigration will be the defining issue of this EU referendum campaign

24/08/15 The Telegraph – Germany drops EU rules to allow in Syrian refugees

27/08/15 UKIP News – Migration figures reflect Borderless Britain and the impotence of the British government

31/08/15 The Guardian – Germany urges other EU countries to take in more refugees

06/09/15 The Telegraph – Migrant crisis: Refugees welcomed in Germany like war heroes as Berlin expects 10,000 in one day

18/09/15 Daily Mail – Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria: EU figures expose the ‘lie’ that the majority of refugees are fleeing war zone

20/09/15 Daily Mail – Saudi offer to build 200 mosques in Germany for Syrian migrants is slammed as ‘cynical’ because the Kingdom has not offered to take any refugees themselves

24/09/15 Express – We’re doomed: EU chief fears union will COLLAPSE over migrant crisis

26/09/15 Daily Mail – Germany in a state of SIEGE: Merkel was cheered when she opened the floodgates to migrants. Now, with gangs of men roaming the streets and young German women being told to cover up, the mood’s changing

26/09/15 The Telegraph – Hungary to EU: migrant quotas will repeat Western Europe’s ‘failed’ attempts at multiculturalism

27/09/15 Express – ‘Bored’ migrants BEMOAN lack of cash to buy cigarettes and slow internet in camps

28/09/15 Daily MailSixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp – as clashes with masked extremists rock towns over Berlin’s open-door migrant policy

28/09/15 The Telegraph – Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief

29/09/15 Daily Mail – Give us an extra £385million! EU asks Britain for more money as it battles migrant crisis

06/10/15 Der Spiegel – Looming Doubts : Merkel’s Grip on Refugee Crisis May Be Slipping

13/10/15 Express – EU migrant crisis ‘Merkel’s legacy’ – German leader blasted as 6,000 refugees arrive a DAY

16/10/15 Daily Mail – EU deal risks new wave of migrants: Plan to hand Turks millions of EU visas is bordering on insanity, says Farage

19/10/15 The Telegraph – Eurotunnel stops trains after hundreds of migrants storm terminal in France

04/01/16 BBC News – Migrant crisis: Sweden border checks come into force

07/01/16 Express – Bit of a change of tune? Angela Merkel now wants to REDUCE flow of migrants into the EU

09/01/16 The Telegraph – Calais camp to become permanent amid row over ‘Sangatte’-style centre in nearby Dunkirk

09/01/16 BBC News – Cologne attacks: Merkel proposes tougher migrant laws

11/01/16 BBC News – EU migrant crisis: Germany sends migrants back to Austria

11/01/16 The Telegraph – Police in Sweden accused of hushing up asylum seeker assaults at festival

12/01/16 Daily Mail – Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is ‘out of control’: Thousands take to the streets of Germany shouting ‘take your Muslims with you’ after mob sex attacks

16/01/16 Express – No end to migrant crisis: Number of refugees arriving by boats TREBLES in a year

19/01/16 BBC News – Migrant crisis: Norway begins deportations to Russia

22/01/16 The Telegraph – French Prime Minister: Migration crisis could kill off the European Union

23/01/16 Daily Mail – Gang of migrants arrested after ‘sexually assaulting women and masturbating at historic German swimming baths

24/01/16 Express – ‘Rape classes’ introduced to explain to migrants western women are not rape targets

27/01/16 The Telegraph – Six ways the EU has tried and failed to solve the migrant crisis

28/01/16 Daily Mail – Young migrants go on rampage at child refugee centre in Sweden, forcing terrified staff to lock themselves in an office as 19 people go on rampage with makeshift weapons

28/01/16 BBC News – EU migrant crisis: Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims

28/01/16 Daily Mail – Angela Merkel ‘is showing signs of a mental breakdown’ and ‘narcissism’ over her ‘stubborn’ refusal to reverse her migrant policy, warns celebrated German psychiatrist

31/01/16 Express – ANOTHER Angela Merkel U-turn: Refugees must ALL leave Germany once ISIS is defeated

03/02/16 Express – The end for Merkel? Chancellor’s popularity PLUMMETS as Germany faces £36bn migrant bill

10/02/16 Daily Mail – Three million more migrants to come: Warning over new influx as 76,000 cross Med in past six weeks

03/06/16 Express – EU to blame for rising death toll in the Med, says Libyan coastguard

04/06/16 The Telegraph – Britain asked for more cash as migrant crisis strains EU budget

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The ‘Renegotiation’

Mr Cameron is attempting to renegotiate our terms of E.U. membership. They are the same terms and conditions that previous Prime Ministers (of ALL parties) have agreed and signed up to. In other words, the E.U. have not imposed terms and conditions on our membership, without the full consent of our Government.

But the UK Government have not sought the agreement of the electorate. The last (and only) time that the British public have voted on our membership was in 1975, when the electorate agreed to join a trading block, not a Political Union.

Past Prime Ministers gave away our sovereignty with the result Parliament no longer has full control of our laws, immigration, borders, energy policy, fishing rights, employment laws and financial matters. Indeed most of the elements which constitute a national state.

Our membership of the E.U. is having a profound effect on every person living and working in Somerset (indeed for every British Citizen).

For far too long senior politicians have denied that our membership is flawed and have denied the fact that E.U. policies are having a detrimental effect on our citizens. From housing, employment, health, environment, cost of living, and our way of life. The referendum of our continued E.U. membership is, without doubt, the most important decision for our countries future.

Cameron’s never ending and demeaning trips around the other countries of the EU begging permission to change a few welfare rules serve only to highlight the lack of control the UK has over its own affairs and the complete lack of influence it possesses within the EU itself. A huge slice of his own government and party do not believe in the renegotiation.

Below are links to some articles from the press that highlight the futility of the renegotiation and the danger of remaining in the EU.

Wikipedia – Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union

11/01/13 The Guardian – Cameron’s EU strategy falters as Merkel backtracks on treaty renegotiation

23/01/13 BBC News – David Cameron promises in/out referendum on EU

28/02/14 New Statesman – Where Clegg and Farage agree: Cameron’s EU renegotiation plan is a fantasy

11/06/15 The Telegraph – David Cameron’s hardest day on EU reform as leaders reject migrant plans

05/06/15 BBC News – Cameron will not get fundamental EU change – Lord Lawson

01/06/15 UKIP – Juncker should wind his neck in over EU Referendum

30/05/15 The Telegraph – What are David Cameron’s red lines on Europe? He needs to tell us

29/05/15 Express – Poland says NO to Cameron’s bid to reform EU migrant benefits leaving PM’s hopes in ruins

25/05/15 Breitbart – UK Commissioner Joins EU-Funded Fat Cats To Oppose Brexit

22/05/15 Daily Mail – Cameron admits attempt to overhaul Britain’s relationship with Brussels ‘not met with a wall of love’ by other EU leaders at crunch talks in Latvia

05/06/15 The Telegraph – The Conservatives can’t be trusted on the EU – Ukip is the only game in town

24/06/15 The Telegraph – French minister fires warning shot over David Cameron’s EU renegotiation

14/07/15 The Guardian – The left must put Britain’s EU withdrawal on the agenda

31/08/15 The Telegraph – David Cameron challenged to face European Parliament over ‘closed doors’ renegotiation

24/09/15 Express – Germany warns Cameron EU reform pleas will be ignored unless Britain takes more refugees

26/09/15 The Telegraph – Suddenly, leaving the EU looks within reach

06/10/15 Express – Britain must quit EU before ‘cataclysmic implosion’ warns top businessman

07/10/15 The Telegraph – Back an integrated EU or quit, Francois Hollande warns Britain

13/10/15 Daily Mail – Cameron accused by Tories of trying to dupe the public over Europe by dressing up ‘not a lot’ as a major victory

14/10/15 BBC News – Juncker ‘can’t say there’s been huge progress in UK talks’

21/10/15 Daily Mail – EU ‘will block Cameron’s migrant benefits blitz’: Top British diplomat secretly warns they will qualify for handouts after just MONTHS, not four years

23/10/15 Daily Mail – Migrants CAN send child benefit back to their home country, say Euro judges

24/10/15 The Telegraph – Britain will be flattened if it stays in the EU

30/10/15 Daily Mail – Cameron’s demands on Europe are unclear, say leaders: PMs of Finland and Estonia accuse him of being ‘short on detail’

12/12/15 The Telegraph – David Cameron’s climbdown on EU benefits

17/12/15 The Independent – David Cameron’s EU renegotiation will change nothing, Nigel Farage says

28/12/15 The Telegraph – How the EU could collapse in 2016

23/01/16 The Telegraph – Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave EU and become “an independent sovereign nation” again

29/01/16 BBC NewsDavid Cameron ‘probably regrets EU renegotiation’ – Tory MEP

29/01/16 BBC NewsRedwood: EU emergency brake ‘a sick joke’

24/02/16 Daily MailA complete failure: Voters offer damning verdict on PM’s Europe deal with three-quarters claiming migration will not change as a result of his reforms – and could even increase

24/02/16 BBC News – EU reforms ‘not legally binding’ – Michael Gove

UK Deficit and National Debt

The UK has a perilous national debt problem – over £1.5 trillion and rising. Government expenditure continuously exceeds income despite the years that have passed since the global financial crisis of 2007-08. Even with low interest rates, the interest payments are nearly £1 billion per week, an average of £700 per year for every person in the UK. The interest is equivalent to 2.5% of GDP – more is spent on servicing debt than on defence (1.85%).

Despite years of deep cuts to services and the selling of state assets, the deficit is still very high, adding more and more to the debt mountain, which currently stands at 80.8% of GDP. As tax revenue is 28.5% of GDP, the debt would require the entire government income for over three years to clear it. The UK owes an average of £33,000 per person and it has lost the top credit rating from two of the three main agencies.

In trying to recover the situation, services and welfare budgets have to be slashed even more, hidden taxes abound and more public services are now chargeable or more expensive to access. As some departments budgets are ‘ring-fenced’ – NHS, foreign aid, EU budget (legally required) and education (not truly ring-fenced) – the remaining areas get disproportionally hit by the cuts. To further add to the difficulties, these cuts are happening in a time of record immigration, so the reduced spending has to be spread thinner still to cover the larger UK population.

Inevitably questions have to be asked about the policies of successive governments that have led to such a poor financial situation. Why, as a country, can the UK not maintain the same level of public services that it could in the past? Have the governments been spending our money wisely or have they been profligate and now living standards have to be cut to compensate for this? Also, why is the UK’s membership of the EU bringing no advantage at all?

Below are links to some articles from that highlight the dire state of the UK’s finances.

Wikipedia – United Kingdom national debt

24/01/12 The Guardian – Britain’s national debt tops £1 trillion

20/03/13 The Telegraph – Budget 2013: Britain’s debt and deficit

22/05/14 The Telegraph – Interest bill on UK’s £1.27 trillion debt to hit £1bn a week

12/01/15 The Telegraph – David Cameron and the national debt monster in three charts

22/09/15 BBC News – Government borrowing edges up in August

22/09/15 Express – Britain’s £1.5 TRILLION debt pile keeps growing as Government borrowing sees shock rise

31/01/16 Daily MailSix out of Britain’s 10 biggest firms pay ZERO corporation tax despite ringing up global profits of £30billion

Photo by Jonathan Rolande

Say No to the EU Tour

Come and listen to the reasons why the UK should leave the EU and vote to leave in the upcoming EU Referendum.
There are many events to choose from, why not have a look at the main events featuring EFDD Co-President Nigel Farage, or search for local events that are nearest to you that are happening up and down the country.






The Housing Crisis and the Only Way to Save Our Villages

Small villages like the historic East Coker and Mudford on the outskirts of Yeovil, respectively slated to have 800 and 700 new houses built on greenfield sites and farmland, are just two examples of the inevitable local effect of reckless national policies. Central government must force local governments to meet unrealistic new homes targets with no regard to the cost on those living locally. Most places are affected: Yeovil has other large housing developments on its outskirts, as does Chard and Shudrick Valley in Ilminster – the list goes on.

Vastly increasing resident numbers spoils the character, practicality and desirability of the villages in terms of volumes of traffic, pressure on infrastructure, increased flooding risk, trampling over historic and beautiful areas – leading to a significant reduction in quality of life. Many of the new housing developments cram the houses in as tightly as possible – front gardens are often non existent, back gardens tiny, bedrooms and garages barely worthy of the name, little parking space and pavements and community facilities appear to be optional. Furthermore, public services are already stretched and therefore need more funding to support this – impossible with the national debt out of control. However the increase in the UK population is relentless, so the need for housing continues apace.

Many communities have banded together to save their local area from the developers. Year after year fighting planning proposals, taking legal action against their own councils, campaigning, enlisting the help of local councillors, MP and prospective MPs to fight their corner to push the mandated development into someone else’s backyard. Which sadly pitches village against village.

It is perplexing, however that the biggest reason behind the need for more housing development is at best side-lined or often ignored altogether in the debates and planning consultations. The national housing crisis is to a large extent directly related to, and exacerbated by, the uncontrolled immigration from the EU. It is important to recognise that the national situation affects us locally, as many newcomers to Somerset are doing so to escape the overcrowded cities that have experienced even greater population increases than the rural areas.

Even more baffling is the position of all of the prospective local politicians (except for UKIP’s) who must recognise that their support in the save our village campaigns is ultimately a futile gesture as their parties are pro EU. The EU freedom of movement and right of abode between for nearly half a billion people in the 28 member states between them is enshrined in EU, and therefore our, law. This is sacrosanct and will never be renegotiated: Merkel and Juncker have told the UK this on numerous occasions….not that anything can ever be renegotiated in the perennially undemocratic EU.

UKIP’s housing policy is therefore unique as it is the only one that can truly control the demand that behind the new housing developments blighting our villages and towns by exiting the EU and employing a sensible points based work visa and immigration policy. UKIP also recognises that more housing is desperately required, but the stated policy is to concentrate new development on brownfield land, therefore saving the villages and protecting the green belt.

With the UKIP policies in place, housing will become more affordable, adult children and boomerang graduates can finally leave their parents’ homes and gain independance, ‘generation rent’ have a better chance of become home owners, and growing families can upsize etc. Falling houses prices in some other EU states are of no benefit to those living in the UK.

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Yeovil UKIP 2015 General Election Report

Dear All,

Thank you to all who voted for me, supported me at meetings & hustings and for the many messages of good wishes and luck I have received.

May we look forward with hope, for our Country’s future and for the promised EU referendum!

Please find attached my summation report. Now the dust has settled on what has been a tremendously hard fought and exciting election I hope we can move forward together recognising and celebrating the great success we have achieved and seeing a clear path ahead.GE May 2015 Report

Democracy in Action at the Constituency Hustings

A big thank you from UKIP Yeovil to all involved in arranging the hustings in the run up to the 2015 general election in the Yeovil constituency.  Also to the audiences for testing the candidates on so many important issues.


A Yeovil election husting article is available here.

Thanks to the Churches of Yeovil and The Gateway for hosting this event.


Crewkerne Election Husting and Yeovil Youth Election Husting recordings are available here.

Thanks to Wadham School, Westfield Academy and to Ninesprings Radio for hosting and recording.


And thanks to the organisers and hosts of the Somerset and Yeovil Chambers of Commerce, Ilminster, NFU and Chard hustings.

A message from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP

Christianity plays a significant part in my vision for the future of Britain.

I have been saying for a long time that we need a much more muscular defence of our Christian heritage and our Christian Constitution. This does not of course mean we should be disrespectful of other faiths, only that ours is fundamentally a Christian nation and so we believe Christianity should be recognised by Government at all levels.

Sadly, I think UKIP is the only major political party left in Britain that still cherishes our Judaeo-Christian heritage. I believe other parties have deliberately marginalised our nation’s faith, whereas we take Christian values and traditions into consideration when making policy.

Take the family, for instance. Traditional Christian views of marriage and family life have come under attack of late, whereas we have no problem in supporting and even promoting conventional marriage as a firm foundation for a secure and happy family.

We share with Christians a concern for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and our policies provide a financial safety net for those who are unable to work, while encouraging self-reliance and endeavour for those who can. Our attitude to overseas development works in the same way: by re-focusing the foreign aid budget towards critical and essential aid for those in need and widening investment in free trade relationships, developing countries benefit more in the longer term from having a hand up, as well as a hand out.

I believe UKIP has a lot to offer Christians, and we certainly value the participation of Christians in politics and in UKIP.

Nigel Farage

Freedom of Worship

UKIP is proud of Britain’s Judaeo-Christian heritage. It underpins our culture, our legal code and our system of governance. We will stand up for it because we believe it is as integral, relevant and important apart of life in Britain today as it has ever been. We will uphold robustly the rights of Christians, as well as those of other faiths, to worship as they wish and to espouse their beliefs openly, within the limits of the common law. People’s religious beliefs are their own affair and all people should be allowed to live their lives as they choose, as far as is possible within a free, tolerant and civilised society.


Families are fundamentally important to society and we believe children are best brought up within safe, secure, happy families. We recognise the valuable role played by the traditional family unit in society and will never discriminate against traditional marriage. UKIP will support families by increasing the transferrable tax allowance for married couples and civil partners to £1500, benefitting spouses who do not use all of their personal allowance because they look after children, work part time, or do not pay tax. To help prevent children losing contact with their fathers when couples break up, UKIP will introduce an initial presumption of 50/50 shared parenting in child custody matters. Grandparents will be given visiting rights too, unless it can be shown to the satisfaction of the Family Court that there is a good reason to withhold such rights.

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013

UKIP opposed same-sex marriage legislation because it impinged upon the beliefs of millions of people of faith. Rushed through Parliament without proper public debate, the legislation is significantly flawed. It should have been subject to a review of the state’s role in marriage. We will not repeal the legislation, as it would be grossly unfair and unethical to ‘un-marry’ loving couples or restrict further marriages, but we will not require churches to marry same-sex couples. We will also extend the legal concept of ‘reasonable accommodation’ to give protection in law to those expressing a religious conscience in the workplace on this issue.

Euthanasia and Abortion

UKIP has no plans to change existing legislation on euthanasia or the ‘right to die.’ We will encourage compliance with the Abortion Act 1967 and seek to make gender abortions illegal.

Human Trafficking

Our Christian forefathers fought hard to abolish slavery and now we must fight to end it in modern-day Britain. Our fight against the detestable crime of human trafficking will start by withdrawing from the European Union and controlling our borders. We will increase the numbers of UK Border Force staff to catch traffickers, then prosecute, jail and, if applicable, deport anyone convicted of taking part in plying this evil trade.

Economic Growth

The UK will spend £64.2 billion (net) on EU membership between now and 2020. The gross figure we will pay to this undemocratic, bureaucratic and ultimately failing project in this time is £97.7 billion, more than the current deficit. UKIP would rather spend your money on the NHS, education, supporting older people and the disabled, defending our nation, honouring the military covenant, helping get the jobless into work, maintaining vital public services, and cutting the debts we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

UKIP will lead Britain out of the EU, retake our vacant seat at the World Trade Organisation, and escape from excessive EU regulations that negatively impact Britain’s economic growth and prosperity. Ours is a world-leading economy. We do not need to be in political union with the EU to trade freely with Europe and the rest of the world and we will be better off out. Outside of the EU, we can also stop tax avoidance by big corporations, by ending their right to pay tax in whichever EU country they choose.


UKIP will keep the NHS free at the point of delivery for all British citizens, funded by general taxation. We will put £12 billion extra into the NHS over the next five years, spending the money on doctors, GPs, nurses, midwives, emergency care, dementia treatment and research and mental health. GP surgeries will be required to open one evening a week and at weekends where there is demand; we will bring back State Enrolled Nurses who train on wards; and abolish hospital parking charges.


UKIP backs faith schools provided they are open to the whole community, uphold British values, do not discriminate against any section of society and meet required educational standards. We believe Religious Education must be taught in all schools and should reflect the religious make-up of the country as a whole. Education must be responsive to the differing aptitudes, capabilities and speed of development of children, whatever their social background or academic ability. For UKIP, this means excellent primary schools and at secondary level, a grammar school in every town that operates alongside a full range of vocational, technical and specialist schools. We will not allow primary school children to be given sex education lessons.

Poverty and Welfare

UKIP is fully committed to keeping and strengthening the welfare system. It is an important safety net for those who are unable to work. However, we believe a life on benefits for those who can work should never act as a disincentive to employment, which is why we support a benefits cap. Finding work that pays the bills is the quickest and easiest way for most people to escape from poverty. UKIP will take everyone on minimum wage out of tax altogether, to put more money back in the pockets of the lowest paid. We will combat fuel poverty by removing green levies from fuel bills and scrap the bedroom tax. We will keep pensioner benefits such as free bus passes, the winter-fuel allowance and free TV licences for every pensioner, without means-testing. We will stop the abuse of zero-hours contracts and enforce the minimum wage.


No one should be living on Britain’s streets and we want to end homelessness. In addition to a nationwide home-building programme and safeguards to prevent unfair evictions, UKIP will create a National Homeless Register. This will enable those of no fixed abode to claim their welfare entitlements, seek care and support services if they are at risk of physical, psychological and sexual abuse, and get full access to GP, dental and other NHS medical services. We will also create eight halfway-house hostels and 500 affordable rent homes a year for homeless veterans.


Many people who use foodbanks are more than hungry: they may have problems with debt, family breakdown, addiction, and poor physical or mental health, or need employment or legal advice. UKIP will train up and put 800 advisors into 800 foodbanks to help those in most need get timely help, in a single venue.

Overseas Aid

Charity should begin at home and we will divert much of our overseas aid budget to help the desperate here in Britain, while continuing to fund vital programmes run by reputable organisations, including Christian charities. Ultimately, we would like to help lift nations out of poverty by offering them free trade deals – which we can only do outside the EU -but while aid contributions are still needed, we will contribute £4 billion to developing countries every year – more than given by Spain and Italy combined. Our priorities for aid spending will be on emergency aid, fresh drinking water and sanitation programmes, healthcare and inoculations against preventable diseases. We will not allow taxpayers’ money to be misappropriated by despots and tyrants who may be imprisoning, torturing or slaughtering Christians in their own countries.

Asylum and Immigration

We welcome controlled immigration, which we will manage through an Australian-style points-based system. We will continue to welcome students to Britain, and take our fair share of refugees, respecting United Nations rules.

Church repairs

14,500 churches in Britain are listed buildings. Church repairs used to be free from VAT, but in 2012 the Chancellor applied the standard rate of VAT, forcing up bills for parishes and communities nationwide. UKIP will cut VAT back to just 5% to help maintain our churches as both heritage buildings and vibrant, thriving places of worship. Outside of the EU, we can and will be able to cut it to back to zero.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Chamber Hustings Report Friday 24th April Westlands Leisure Centre Yeovil

The sun shone, the candidates shone, the audience beamed and the conversation and debate flowed.

  1. Business rates

Revaluation? Retail discount? Use SSDC money to help small business get started. Revolution or evolution. The system is failing and needs wholesale surgery. All agree action is called for. But why does it take so long?

  1. Superfast Broadband

BT needs a boot up the arse. And Ofcom input to weigh the imbalance between the little fish and the corporate shark. We must work with what we have got however. Change supplier? It can work pro tem. Methinks we must protest more to get what we are owed, and need.

  1. Career advice & training

Our poor education system is one root cause of dysfunctional children. I blame the Schools Minister myself. And years of underfunding. Also the X Factor instant response syndrome mentality. Work is hard, hence its name. Stop allowing eastern European migrant labour to do jobs our own people could and should be doing. Stick and carrot now!

  1. Enabling the High Street traders to compete with internet trading.

Employ Town Marshal perhaps? To help communication and be seen in action. Make town centres places people want to visit. Flowers, clean and safe streets. Rates relief. See above. Help small business and make the internet companies pay their taxes to ensure a level playing field.


Simon Smedley

UKIP Yeovil Parliamentary Candidate


No David Laws unfortunately. He had more pressing business to attend to in London apparently but a short statement was read out saying how strongly he supported the Somerset and Yeovil Chambers in their missions.

Simon Smedley Backs Campaign to Defend Small Scale Cider Producers from EU Tax Hike

God bless the Somerset Cider Makers, and God bless their lovely ciders!

Let’s support the small scale cider makers in any and every way possible by drinking their locally produced cider, by encouraging orchard planting and by preventing the Government and the EU push them out of business by NOT classifying and taxing farmhouse cider in the same way as the mass produced cider that the large drinks companies make.

Support our famous Somerset farm house cider makers! And support drinking in moderation

Please consider signing the Get Britain Out petition.

UKIP MEP calls for spirited defence of the cider industry.

Download (PDF, 210KB)



Ten More Good Reasons to Vote UKIP

  • UKIP will guarantee those who have served in the Armed Forces for 12 or more years a job in the police force, prison service or enlarged border force.
  • UKIP will protect the Green Belt and introduce incentives for development on brownfield instead of greenfield sites.
  • Inheritance tax will be abolished.
  • We will ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have private health insurance as a condition of entry, saving the NHS £2bn pa.
  • We will stop further use of PFI in the NHS and encourage local authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early where this is affordable.
  • We will end the unfairness of devolved nation’s MPs voting on English-only issues.
  • UKIP will withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, reverse the UK opt-in to EU law and European Arrest Warrant and replace with extradition agreements.
  • We will repeal the Human Rights Act and replace with a new British Bill of Rights. The interests of law-abiding citizens & victims will always take precedence over criminals.
  • UKIP opposes the bedroom tax. It operates unfairly, taking insufficient account of the availability of alternative accommodation or the needs of families and the disabled.
  • We would review all legislation and regulations from the EU (3,600 new laws since 2010) and remove those that hamper British prosperity and competitiveness.

Photo by Airwolfhound

Ten Good Reasons to Vote UKIP

  • UKIP will leave the EU and save at least £8bn pa in net contributions. Stop press: now increased by a further £1.7bn
  • We will control our borders and control immigration, with ‘points based’ work permits.
  • UKIP will abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 which costs the economy £18bn a year.
  • No new subsidies for wind farms and solar arrays. UKIP will abolish green taxes and charges in order to reduce fuel bills.
  • UKIP will cut the foreign aid budget by £9bn pa, prioritising disaster relief and schemes which provide water and inoculation against preventable diseases.
  • Schools will be allowed to apply to become grammar schools.
  • UKIP will remove tuition fees for students taking approved degrees in science, medicine, technology, engineering, maths on the condition they live, work and pay tax in the UK for five years.
  • UKIP will increase personal tax allowance to the level of full-time minimum wage
  • UKIP will scrap the HS2 project which is uneconomical and unjustified
  • David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband!

Photo by JackPeasePhotography

Photo by Airwolfhound

Photo by ell brown