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There are those who claim (falsely) that leaving the E.U. will cost up to 3 million jobs. This myth grew out of report by the National institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) which concluded that 2.7 million jobs were connected with our trade with the E.U. and another 500,000 were indirectly linked. The report went on to say that “there is no a priori reason to suppose that many (jobs), IF ANY, would be lost permanently if Britain were to leave the E.U.

Many of those businessmen who argue for us to stay in the EU are the same people who claimed it was imperative for us to join the disastrous Euro.

The EU funded CBI and larger companies with lobbying offices in Brussels see the complex of EU rules and directives as a convenient barrier against smaller competitors. The UK has a strong history of entrepreneurial innovation.

This fact reinforced by Mr Fabrice Bregier, Airbus Chief Executive, stating (on 16/6/2015) that “R & D, design and manufacturing would remain in the U.K. whether the U.K. left the E.U. or not.

Lord Anthony Bamford (JCB) quoted as saying “U.K. would be better off out of the E.U. would enable company to become more competitive in global markets”.

16th March 2015 Think Tank Open Europe stating we pay E.U. countries £15 for every £1 we get back. (£55,000,000) a day is our membership cost.

E.U. Regulations cost businesses £33 billion a year, the 5 costliest:-

U.K. Renewable Energy Strategy £4.7 billion per year.

C.R.D.IV package £4.2 billion per year.

Working Time Directive £4.2 billion per year.

E.U. Climate and Energy Package £3.4 billion per year.

Temporary Agency Workers Directive £2.1 billion per year.

Belonging to the E.U. does not mean protecting UK employment. Some examples of our EU membership losing UK jobs:

  • In 2007 the Peugeot factory in Ryton, Coventry, closed and moved production to Slovakia. Peugeot applied for £14 million funding (to upgrade production line for new model) to the E.U. Central Bank, for 2 years. The result being the E.U. Central Bank ignored this request and pumped £78 million in subsidies into a new Peugeot factory in Slovakia, at a cost of 2,700 jobs direct and up to 5,000 jobs in the local supply chain.
  • 2012 Swaling, Eastliegh, Southampton. Ford (U.K.) closed the Ford Transit factory having produced vans on the site since 1972. At its height this factory employed 4,500 workers plus many workers in the local supply chain. The factory in Dagenham also closing with the loss of 750 jobs. Production moved to Turkey (non-E.U.) with the help of £80 million from the E.U. investment bank.
  • 2013 The sale of Royal Mail and post office closures a direct result of the E.U. Postal Services Directive, up to 1,300 jobs being lost (and loss of service).

The recent sale of Cadbury’s to the U.S. owned Kraft is another example of UK jobs being lost as a result of production moving into mainland E.U. (this despite assurances that no job losses would be incurred). The salt in the wound being the £7 billion lent by R.B.S to Kraft to fund the takeover (the bank 84% owned by the British taxpayer).

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