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The Cost Burden of the EU

Links to articles highlighting the massive net cost of over £8 billion per year from the UK for the EU. Any of our money returned from the £18bn we actually send them has to be applied for to be spent as they want.

26/11/14 The Telegraph – UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget

07/11/14 The Guardian – UK to pay £1.7bn EU bill in full despite Osborne’s claim to have halved it

31/10/14 The Guardian – Britain’s contribution to EU has risen by £2.7bn, quadrupling in five years

24/10/14 LBC Radio – Farage: Cameron Will Definitely Pay EU’s £1.7bn Charge

24/10/14 BBC News – Cameron: UK won’t pay £1.7bn EU bill

10/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP attack secretive EU-funded payments to anonymous political groups in North Africa and the Middle East

11/08/15 The TelegraphEU ‘spends £500m a year promoting itself’

16/09/15 Daily Mail – Cameron and Osborne quietly pay the £1.7BILLION bill from Brussels which they dismissed as ‘totally unacceptable’

29/09/15 Daily MailGive us an extra £385million! EU asks Britain for more money as it battles migrant crisis

29/10/15 Express – Now Brussels wants £384m MORE from UK to tackle the migrant crisis

31/12/15 Daily Mail – Revealed: Britain has handed £503BILLION to the EU since 1973 as Eurosceptics call for the money to be spent on the NHS and schools instead

18/01/16 Daily MailHalf of EU aid wasted, stolen or lost in red tape: £11.5bn handed out by Brussels each year fails to achieve its aims

06/02/16 The Telegraph – EU Force One: Juncker commutes to Strasbourg by private jet

27/04/16 Express – Taxpayers hit with £650MILLION in fines by EU