The UK armed forces, in terms of personnel numbers and equipment, have been hollowed out through never ending budget cuts. This has happened whilst the UK is a member of the EU which is supposedly making more secure. When we have to call upon foreign nations to help us for fundamental defence tasks that we used to be able to perform ourselves it is clear that our EU membership is having the opposite effect on our nation’s finances and therefore our nation’s security.

Furthermore, the restrictions placed upon our armed forces by the European Courts of Human Rights hampers their ability in the field, effectively tying one hand behind their backs.

Finally, the EU drive for their own army by taking over the armed forces of the member states is another example of sovereignty being stripped away from the UK, slice by slice. Some undeniable evidence is linked in the articles below and in the other posts on this website.

05/06/15 The Telegraph – British aid billions ‘subsidising’ third world defence budgets

09/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP Defence Spokesman hits out at the “hidden” details of the Chancellor’s 2% of GDP budget promise to meet NATO spending pledge

28/07/15 UKIP News – RUSI confirms UKIP findings on defence budget “smoke and mirrors”

17/10/15 The Telegraph – £150m legal bill for troops just doing their duty

18/10/15 The Telegraph – MoD under fire for listing retired jets and grounded helicopters in new list of military assets

20/04/16 Express – SECRET PLOT EXPOSED: EU in stealth plan to set up ARMY by merging German and Dutch forces

25/05/16 Daily Mail – RAF is hunting for a Russian submarine thought to have been off the coast of Scotland for at least 10 days and asks France and Canada for help as Britain no longer has the equipment

25/05/16 Daily Mail – Generals fight for Brexit: Our forces would be stronger outside ‘not fit for purpose’ EU, says a dozen former top brass

25/05/16 BBC News – EU referendum: Ex-military officers fighting for EU exit

18/10/15 The Telegraph – It is an EU army that could bring about war

01/06/16 Daily Mail – Shambles as £4million spy planes are axed: Ministers terminate contract despite being warned it could undermine border controls

Photo by Airwolfhound