EU Referendum

Here are some links to articles related to the forthcoming referendum and some of the serious problems that the European Union inflicts upon the UK. Also included are some UKIP news items that dissect and expose many weak or misguided party, government and EU positions and policies.

The big issue being reported in the press is the total chaos that can simply be called The EU Immigration Crisis.

Falsehoods put across by the pro-EU lobbyists regarding the UK’s ability to trade as an independent nation are pulled apart in The Truth about Trade page.

Some of the huge costs that the UK has to bear to be a member of the EU are described in the articles in The Cost Burden of the UK.

Also, many articles in The ‘Negotiation’ describe the futility of David Cameron’s never-ending plan to renegotiate the UK’s position within the EU and to reform the EU itself in order to keep the UK as a subservient part of a federal Europe.

Below are some general EU referendum articles.

Wikipedia – Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union

22/05/15 BBC NewsUK and the EU: Better off out or in?

31/05/15 BBC News – Eurosceptic ministers will resign, Redwood warns Cameron

08/06/15 UKIP News – Blocking dissent and buying the vote

11/08/15 The TelegraphEU ‘spends £500m a year promoting itself’

12/08/15 UKIP News – Only 14% want further integration, public now understand EU politics

28/09/15 Express – Huge ‘Brexit’ boost as now MORE voters back leaving EU than don’t

29/08/15 The TelegraphTory rebels to stop pro-EU spending

09/10/15 The Telegraph – Nigel Farage: ‘Do I look ill? Do I? I’m ready to lead’

09/10/15 The Independant – Labour MP Kate Hoey: Why leaving the EU is a left-wing move

22/10/15 The Telegraph – Europe’s glory days at an end, warns Juncker

24/10/15 The Telegraph – EU bias row as Brussels pays BBC charity £9m

18/12/15 The Telegraph – BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fueling accusations of bias

19/12/15 The Telegraph – EU referendum: Set us free to campaign against Brussels, ministers tell David Cameron

20/12/15 BBC News – I’ll vote to leave the EU, says former minister Liam Fox

28/01/16 The Telegraph – First council in England votes to leave the EU

03/06/16 The Telegraph – EU debate: Angry Sky News audience rounds on ‘waffling’ David Cameron as he is accused of ‘scaremongering’ over Brexit fears

03/06/16 The Daily Mail – Foreign voters HAVE been wrongly sent polling cards for the referendum but will be stopped from taking part, election watchdog admits as IDS demands Cameron probe the ‘deeply disturbing’ claims