Foreign Aid

UKIP’s foreign aid policy is very simple, we will ensure that our aid is concentrated on life-saving programmes. Inoculation, Clean Water and Emergency Disaster Relief.

The UK gives £11.4 billion a year in foreign aid. That’s a staggering £32 million each and every day.

In short, foreign aid doesn’t work for eight reasons

1. It costs a fortune
2. We can’t afford it
3. Corruption eats up a large part of it
4. It is often spent on senseless projects
5. It fills the pockets of despots and human rights abusers
6. It goes to terrorists and warmongers
7. It goes to countries which don’t need it
8. Foreign aid has become a fat cat industry

Nathan Gill said, “Much of the foreign aid budget is mistakenly issued on this principle. It’s time for change. Free and Fair Trade, not Aid.”

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