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09/05/12 The GuardianThe woman who lives in a shed: how London landlords are cashing in

09/05/12 The GuardianMeet the new class of landlords profiting from Generation Rent

12/07/13 Daily MailInside the migrant Shed City: Immigrants living in cramped and illegally built garden sheds (no wonder officials underestimated the number of new arrivals)

29/04/15 The Telegraph – Immigration ‘drives two thirds of new households’ in Britain

01/06/15 Daily MailImmigration is driving up home prices, says the minister who believes houses are better than green fields

09/06/15 BBC News – Rise in building on green belt land

10/07/15 UKIP News – UKIP Housing Spokesman condemns George Osborne’s plans

10/10/15 Daily Mail – Home-buyers desperate for first property taking out FORTY-YEAR mortgages that will cost tens of thousands more to pay off

19/12/15 The TelegraphMillions give up on home ownership as house prices soar

21/12/15 Daily Mail – Slash migration ‘to solve housing crisis’: Damning report by Labour’s Frank Field says young people will have to ditch dream of owning a property if ‘open door’ policy continues

04/01/16 BBC NewsFamilies skimp on heat to meet housing costs, says Shelter

04/02/16 Daily Mail – Could an average earner buy a home in your area? Interactive map reveals where workers can still afford to buy – and solo buyers are priced out of 95% of all regions

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21/02/16 BBC News – Safety concerns in Sports Direct town over ‘carved up houses’