Immigration and Borders

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The EU Immigration Crisis

Net migration to Britain has increased to the second highest level on record, official figures reveal. The figure – the difference between the number of people arriving and leaving – was estimated at 333,000 for the year ending December 2015. This was 10,000 higher than the level recorded in the year to September. Net migration of EU citizens was estimated at 184,000 – up compared to the previous year when it stood at 174,000, and the joint highest figure on record.

Statisticians said the apparent increase in EU net migration was largely due to a rise in net migration of citizens from Bulgaria and Romania, from 44,000 to 58,000.

Responding to the latest immigration figures UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “Mass immigration is still hopelessly out of control and set to get worse if we Remain inside the EU, going on with disastrous open borders. However, I don’t believe these official figures and I’m sure the real numbers are much higher.”

Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP’s migration spokesman, commented: “Britain is borderless as a member of the EU. The sheer scale of immigration is putting our public services under severe strain and causing division and disharmony in our communities.

“We need a migration policy fit for 21st Century Britain – which satisfies the needs of our economy and our society. Unless we vote to Leave the EU we will continue to have our hands tied and have no control over who comes and who goes at our ports.

“As a member of the EU, we have a discriminatory immigration policy forced upon us. We let Europeans into Britain in their hundreds of thousands, while imposing heavy restrictions on our friends from Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Commonwealth.

“As it is, our schools and hospitals cannot cope with the ever increasing demand – and our national security is being put at risk as we have no control over who is coming into the country.

“Britain deserves a fair, compassionate and managed migration policy that suits our economy and helps to guarantee our national security. A vote to Leave the EU would enable us to introduce such a policy.”


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