Public Services

The effect on the people of Somerset belonging to the E.U.

As other pages have shown, the pressure on housing and education, due to a large extent by immigration is clear to see.

Less known is the closure of post offices and the sale of Royal Mail due to E.U. Postal Services Directive.

The threat of punitive duty to be applied to small local cider and perry producers.

Less money for local services due to cuts in funding from Central Government, and less money for infrastructure (improved rail and road links, cycle routes etc) all due to the fact that the tax revenue from large companies that trade in the E.U. (including the U.K.) have the right under E.U. law to decide in which E.U. country they wish to pay their tax in. Many choose Luxemburg or Northern Ireland. This is on top of the £55 million a day we pay the E.U.

The average family paying an extra £216 per year due to E.U. climate change and energy policy.

The flooding on the Levels and Moors in 2013 and 2104 being a direct result of E.U. Directives (imposition of water expansion policy at expense of flood protection).

Raising of VAT on home insulation products (1 in 6 homes in Somerset fall into the Extra Cold Hazard). With the extra heating cost incurred in the rural communities, this is leading to premature deaths.

21/07/15 BBC News – Draw up 40% cuts plans, George Osborne tells Whitehall departments