The Pro EU Campaign….

The ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign title is deliberately misleading and should have been ‘Britain Stronger in the EU’ (even though that is incorrect too). Europe is a continent of 48 countries of which 20 are NOT members of the European Union. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum we will remain in Europe.

The official government position advocating the remain position has has been deceitful and biased from the beginning and has used the machinery and resources of the state to push propaganda and untruths. So much so, that it has been consistently called to account by many of its own ministers, MPs, MEPs and Tory party supporters who frankly do not believe a word of what they are saying and are prepared to fight against it and even have Cameron removed as leader after the referendum.

What has been revealed over the course of the campaigns is that the remain advocates are almost entirely wealthy people with vested interests who some way or another personally benefit from the EU and its policies. For example having the top jobs in the various institutions, cheap foreign labour and depressed wages for British employees and the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy that benefits wealthy landowners.

Also when the government quotes figures or support from the official bodies it is very likely to be because their influence has been bought with EU money (i.e. our money). Are the economists who are counted as pro-remain actually impartial, or do they work for EU linked employers like the Treasury, CBI, IFS, OECD, IMF and the universities? Consider that David Cameron appointed George Osborne (an IMF governor)…who votes for Christine Lagarde (under investigation for fraud) and appointed Mark Carney, and so on are therefore not impartial. The EU has plenty of jobs available for pro EU stooges, or failing that, the multinationals who benefit greatly from anti-competitive practices and EU legal tax avoidance can reward them with some directorship or handsomely paid after dinner speaking gigs.

Also consider the EU funding (i.e. our money) for the BBC. It often manifests itself as headlines all day with positive spin for the remain side or negative spin for the leave side, some interviewers and programmes lacking impartiality or any questioning of the vested interests or not even reporting important news at all.

We are being sold a pro EU lie by the government, the Labour Party, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the elitist establishment who are selling us out to their EU masters who have bought their loyalty with our money.

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