The ‘Renegotiation’

Mr Cameron is attempting to renegotiate our terms of E.U. membership. They are the same terms and conditions that previous Prime Ministers (of ALL parties) have agreed and signed up to. In other words, the E.U. have not imposed terms and conditions on our membership, without the full consent of our Government.

But the UK Government have not sought the agreement of the electorate. The last (and only) time that the British public have voted on our membership was in 1975, when the electorate agreed to join a trading block, not a Political Union.

Past Prime Ministers gave away our sovereignty with the result Parliament no longer has full control of our laws, immigration, borders, energy policy, fishing rights, employment laws and financial matters. Indeed most of the elements which constitute a national state.

Our membership of the E.U. is having a profound effect on every person living and working in Somerset (indeed for every British Citizen).

For far too long senior politicians have denied that our membership is flawed and have denied the fact that E.U. policies are having a detrimental effect on our citizens. From housing, employment, health, environment, cost of living, and our way of life. The referendum of our continued E.U. membership is, without doubt, the most important decision for our country’s future.

Below are links to some articles from the press that highlight the futility of the renegotiation and the danger of remaining in the EU.

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22/05/15 Daily MailCameron admits attempt to overhaul Britain’s relationship with Brussels ‘not met with a wall of love’ by other EU leaders at crunch talks in Latvia

05/06/15 The TelegraphThe Conservatives can’t be trusted on the EU – Ukip is the only game in town

24/06/15 The TelegraphFrench minister fires warning shot over David Cameron’s EU renegotiation

14/07/15 The Guardian The left must put Britain’s EU withdrawal on the agenda

31/08/15 The TelegraphDavid Cameron challenged to face European Parliament over ‘closed doors’ renegotiation

24/09/15 Express Germany warns Cameron EU reform pleas will be ignored unless Britain takes more refugees

26/09/15 The Telegraph – Suddenly, leaving the EU looks within reach

06/10/15 Express – Britain must quit EU before ‘cataclysmic implosion’ warns top businessman

07/10/15 The Telegraph – Back an integrated EU or quit, Francois Hollande warns Britain

13/10/15 Daily Mail – Cameron accused by Tories of trying to dupe the public over Europe by dressing up ‘not a lot’ as a major victory

14/10/15 BBC News – Juncker ‘can’t say there’s been huge progress in UK talks’

21/10/15 Daily Mail – EU ‘will block Cameron’s migrant benefits blitz’: Top British diplomat secretly warns they will qualify for handouts after just MONTHS, not four years

23/10/15 Daily Mail – Migrants CAN send child benefit back to their home country, say Euro judges

24/10/15 The Telegraph – Britain will be flattened if it stays in the EU

30/10/15 Daily Mail – Cameron’s demands on Europe are unclear, say leaders: PMs of Finland and Estonia accuse him of being ‘short on detail’

12/12/15 The TelegraphDavid Cameron’s climbdown on EU benefits

28/12/15 The Telegraph – How the EU could collapse in 2016

23/01/16 The Telegraph – Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave EU and become “an independent sovereign nation” again

29/01/16 BBC News – David Cameron ‘probably regrets EU renegotiation’ – Tory MEP

29/01/16 BBC NewsRedwood: EU emergency brake ‘a sick joke’