Welfare and Pensions

11/06/15 BBC News – George Osborne considering £5bn cuts to child tax credits

29/05/15 Express – Poland says NO to Cameron’s bid to reform EU migrant benefits leaving PM’s hopes in ruins

27/05/15 BBC News – Queen’s Speech: The options for £12bn welfare cuts

25/05/15 Daily Mail – Face of the woman charged over scam where hundreds of Bangladeshis flew into Britain for ONE DAY to claim benefit… costing the taxpayer millions

11/08/15 BBC News – EU migrant tax credit plan ‘could hit thousands of young Britons’

11/08/15 UKIP News – Being in the EU means we cannot prioritise British citizens

05/10/15 The Guardian – Hunt: tax credit cuts will make Britons work like Chinese or Americans

29/01/16 The Telegraph – Revealed: Osborne’s ‘pension revolution’ will cost young professionals £161,263

12/02/16 The Telegraph – Millions face ‘retirement crisis’ over pensions tax raid

01/06/16 Daily Mail – How EU meddling slashed £15,000 off your pension: Loyal savers hit by record low payouts